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30th Mar 2006, 03:04
.......You wanna be like lara and finnal feel what lara has to go through. Heres my story....

These last few weeks have been so cool for me because in gym we have been doing project adventure where we climb rocks do a lot of high rope stuff try and figure out puzzels the kind of thing lara does in the new game. This has been going on for about a week and is the perfect thing to do before I play TRL.

It is also making me thing how hard the thing lara has to do. Like I had to climb across a rope about 60 feet in the air (we had harnesses and stuff) and we had to climb across a rope. It takes so much body stregth but is SO FUN. The best think about it was jumping off and flowing down to the ground and landing on my feet. Another activty I had to do was there was a balance beam yet again about 60 feet in the air and we had to walk across from one end to the other and we also said to each other that it would be cool if we could see who would get to one end to the other the fastest. I won (very happy to:D )

But the funnest thing was the rock climbing. I have always loved rock climbing and it a lot what lara does in the opening sequence of the game. We had to do was climb up and acroos this big wall. The really cool thing that we had to do was on some of the rocks we had to jump from one to the other which jsut reminds me of the opening sequence so much.

I guess what im trying to say is that for this week I actually was somewhat like lara and just felt like her to. It was amazing and I recommend everyone to do it because its gret exersise and exreamly fun. Next week we are going to be going outside with this big obsticle coruse where we have to climb walls, jump over stuff, swing from ropes.

Stuntbabe X
30th Mar 2006, 03:18
Sounds like a lot of fun! Rock climbing is a blast, huh? Im jealous about the outside obstacle course though. Can I crash it with you guys? :P

Ive been going to the gymnastics center 3x a week, training for stunts. Its cool cause I can practice backtucks, swan dive/rolls, rope, and trampoline. Most gymnastics centers have open gym time at least once a week so anyone who wants to go learn flippys and stuff can check it out. :thumbsup: :D

30th Mar 2006, 14:02
All that sounds fun. The only thing I have ever done is that resembles TR is hiking in the mountains. :p Does that count? And I have done some whitewater canoeing... when I played Madubu Gorge I have often thought it would be so pretty if it were real... :D

1st Apr 2006, 04:38
Wow, that sounds like fun. I've a bit of rock climbing, but I prefer repelling and abseiling. I recently took and Leadership and Challenge course with cadets, too. We did some white water canoeing, 2-day mountain biking, rock climbing, 4-day glaciar hike, and a 4-day hike. Yep, since then (last summer) the only exercise I get is playing sports at school, so I haven't been really active. Other than that my cadet corps has gone to Scotland, where we got to play around with the Scottish GP (Modified SA-80) rifles and learn section attacks and proper fieldcraft. I loved Scotland... The only thing we're allowed to do here is fire a C-7 (Canadian version of the M-16), but even then, we have to be on a range -_-'.