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29th Mar 2006, 11:09
i have been playing imperial glory for more than 3 months, and i still don'e have a clue how to make a sea trade route:confused: . I tried to make the same as land route, but nothing help.

So please please can somebody explain hoew to make a sea trade route , and please in small details.

30th Mar 2006, 08:52
-You go to commercial view
-You select a province that has a coastline, AND (very important) a wharf. (the thing you make ships in)
-Where you normally see 'buildings' and 'units' you now see 'buildings' and 'ships'.
-You make a ship (either a Brigantine, a packet, or the other one)
-You wait 3, 4 or 5 turns (depends on the ship)
-Once the ship is done, you switch to commercial view again (otherwise you can't see the ship)
-You drag the ship to the highlighted wharf you wish to make a sea route to.
-You now have a sea route. Congratulations.


3rd Apr 2006, 12:18
thanks for your reply , it really helped a lot. I didn't know that i have to change to a comerce view in order to biuld brigantines or oher ship.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

3rd Apr 2006, 13:08
Cheers, good luck. :)