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29th Mar 2006, 02:24
I'm tryin to play 25 to life on PS2 online........I was able to play perfectly fine but for some reason NOW when I go to FIND MATCHES only 1 room will pop up or most of the time NONE...whats going on??
:confused: GET BACK TO ME PLEASE JuniorLeggett @yahoo.com


29th Mar 2006, 04:18
check your scan settings. you might of messed up that. Also this used to happen awhile ago, but been running good. so look at your scan setting.

29th Mar 2006, 20:23
whats the scan settings and how do i correct that?

30th Mar 2006, 02:45
which system are you playing on? ps2,xobx or the pc ?

30th Mar 2006, 14:28
I had that problem but it cleared itself up in a couple days. Now the problem is that either I get join failed or the room is lagging and people are jumping around the map. I wasn't the only one to have this problem either. A lot of the people I play with online are having the same problem. This is on the PS2. To this day there is one member of my clan that I can not see even if he's in the same room as me, this all happened about 2 weeks ago and before that I never had a problem seeing him on the board. He's just invisible to me. I've emailed Eidos and all I ever get is some generic email about unplugging everything and reconnecting. And that has never worked. It's got to be a server issue that they are missing. You got rid of the cheaters now please tweek the server. It's starting to not be worth playing anymore.

30th Mar 2006, 16:32
It is for my playstation 2...Yeah this problem started 2 weeks ago also but is just getting worse!! The game is extremely fun online but like u said it is starting to be not worth it!! I can barely find a room when i go to find all matches! it takes me about 30 minutes to even find something! I can't see certain friends online......The room says there maybe like 12 people but when i go there is only one person, and he's sleepin!! I hope this gets checked out SOON!!!

5th Apr 2006, 13:39
Okay, so a buddy and myself have done a lot of experimenting over the last week. First off, there are no scan settings for the PS2, he must be talking about the PC version. Anyway, I was having a lot of trouble staying in matches, lagging, not seeing people in the room and so forth. Well, I fixed the staying matches for the most part and fixed the lag alltogether. Here's how I did it. I was running 25 to Life on one the new Slim PS2, well if anyone has noticed these suckers get real hot. The older model doesn't not get so hot because it has an internal fan. Well, once the slim PS2 gets hot it starts cause lag and slow down which in turn cause other issues when being online. Since my buddy and myself have switched back to our old bulky PS2's we haven't had any trouble other then the occasional getting booted in the middle of matches or the game freezes which happens to everybody lately. Hope this help!! PEACE!!!!

The issue of invisible people. The reason some people are not able to be seen even though they are in the same lobby as you is because they are not running on one the approved routers for 25 to Life. This causes any issue with the connectivity and so sometimes you might see the player and other time you will not.