View Full Version : Put a stop to this!

28th Mar 2006, 19:35

This is driving me insane! When i join games sometimes(or most actually) this pops up. Usually it goes away and sometimes it freezes up my game.

Or when i play. I'm doing alright, then some dumb@$$ joins the game while we play and i get "Invalid Agent" Right across the screen in the center and i cant do or see $h!t. So i have to ctrl-alt-delete. I want to know what eidos plans to do as i cant seem to stop this and i saw NOTHING in the help guide to tell me how to solve this.

28th Mar 2006, 20:46

come on Eidos!

-=TK=- b3nd3r
28th Mar 2006, 22:55
yeah that happened al the time for me. dunno whats it about. the game itself continues to run normaly. just with that ugly popup across the screen mkaing you not see ****

dunno if console ppl r having problems with this 2?

28th Mar 2006, 23:34
Yea, in the game it still runs, but when it doesnt leave in the lobby it freezes the game.:mad: