View Full Version : Help me, I don't listen sound

27th Mar 2006, 11:50
My problem is that I cannot listen the sound of the weapon, that is to say, I can linsten all type of environmental sounds and music but Can't linsten the sound of shoot of muy weapon. In all the others the game works very well and stable.

The configuration of the PC is the following one:
Intel P4 3 GHz with HT PB ASUS P4P800-X (integrated Sound disable by BIOS)
1 GB RAM at 333 MHz
Graphic card MSI NVDIA 6600 with 256 MB
Sound card: Sound Blastar Live! 24 Bit
200 GB of HD (1 of 120 GB and another one of 80 GB)
Another video games OK and music, either in MP3, Audio CD or of DVD, work oK.
I have the last controllers of Creative and NVidia intall in the equipment as well as the version 9.0c of the Direct.

Captian VK
28th Mar 2006, 05:37
I think if you listen every well but the sound of the weapon
there's no problem with your soundcard, may be problem with your game
Try to reinstall your game

28th Mar 2006, 16:16
Hello. I have reinstall the game without a module Game Shadows and works correctly. Thank you very much by the aid.

28th Mar 2006, 17:33
Good to hear! :)