View Full Version : My own screensaver of TR Legend

27th Mar 2006, 09:42
At last, i've managed to find a place for my TR Legend screensaver.

It is a slide show of TR Legend pics and contains a track of music I composed myself.

I'm currently working on an animated TR Legend screensaver. Coming soon.

Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/f3ky8u

27th Mar 2006, 12:16
Wow! Very nice! Looking forward to the animation. Thanks for sharing, dhama.

27th Mar 2006, 15:28
Awesome! I really like the screensaver.

27th Mar 2006, 16:59
That was amazing! I like it a lot, thanks :)

27th Mar 2006, 17:22
Very nice! Well done dhama! :thumbsup:

Can the music be downloaded on its own? TIA :)

27th Mar 2006, 19:31
I used to have all my music online for download, but everyone seemed to download the whole site instead of seperate files, and my bandwidth suddenly cost me £40 per month.. :eek:

I am trying to sort out something better soon so i'll ket you know Treeble. :)

28th Mar 2006, 14:53
It says:

The daily bandwidth limit assigned to you country has been reached. Please try again tomorrow.

Dhama, I thought maybe we can host your screensavers on TRComm, what you say? That way they would live much longer and be easier for us to download. Please let me know, I would be glad to host them.