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27th Mar 2006, 07:52
I brought the Playstation 2 Offical magazine yesterday and there was a demo of Legend in it, and I had a play on it last night, and wow, there are no words to discribe it. It's that good. I can't wait until the 7th April (not long I know). I love the way Lara moves, and how it's slighlty easier in jumping (you can still miss a jump and Lara holds on with her fingertips of one hand until you press the trinanle button). I admit when I first started to play it, I thought I wouldn't like it as it is so different from the previous games, but then I realised this is what I've always thought TR should be like, then I loved it.

If anyone has had a play of the demo I got stuck in this room where there are 3 floor pressure pads that you are to put 3 crates on, but 2 of the crates are in a sunken floor, so how do you get the 2 crates up to the other one? Thanks.

27th Mar 2006, 08:38
There is this huge rocker down there with one of the crates stuck under one end. Pull it out, push it onto the rocker a bit and jump onto the other end. Then do it with the other crate.

27th Mar 2006, 12:55
lol, i got stuck at that bit

27th Mar 2006, 13:26
Cool, I will have to get it. :thumbsup:

27th Mar 2006, 13:29
Thanks for the tip, I'll have another go tonight, just to keep me going until the full version is out!

28th Mar 2006, 17:30
I'm fromt he Netherlands and the stores I wnet to still have the March edition in stock. Is it the April edition that has the demo?

28th Mar 2006, 20:05
Yes it is the April edition - and what more can I say than - WOW!!!! :D Beautiful, graceful, agile - I can wait to get my hands on the game!! :D

29th Mar 2006, 00:17
I think here in the US we still have another week til the demo. :(

29th Mar 2006, 22:43
Well I've finished the demo! Here's my verdict so far -

- Lara's voice is a little strange still to me - the accent is right but the voice just isn't quite right for me - I hope this will grow on me, I'm sure it will.

The controls are much better - reminds me a lot of Prince of Persia - spookily so....but again this is not something awful - just something different - I hope this will grow on me, I'm sure it will.

She looks beautiful - the gracefullness I talked about in my first post, only got better the more I played her.

Swimming was a little akward to get the hang of - but I think that was purely down to me - the pc controls are a whole lot more familiar to me when it comes to Tomb Raider. Even though I am a console gamer at heart.

There were probably three areas of the demo that confirmed this was 'real' Tomb Raider - puzzle area (that you worked out for yourself - no bloody hand icons hinting you in the right direction), flip and fire (including backwards, although i didn't get my hands on any uzis yet), and the scenario. If this is continued in the game itself, we're home guys - it's REAL TOMB RAIDER!!

There are quite a lot of 'changes' for us original Raiders, but they aren't a bad thing, imo. The gameplay is more up to date, if you know what I mean, more 21st century Lara. New players to Tomb Raider wont find this game dull, and old players will adjust to the 'changes'. I'm sure the veterans of us will look fondly back at the 'old' Lara and wish for the things that are 'missing', but I think the pros are going to far out weigh the cons this time round! ;)

..............all that from a 25min demo!! :D

29th Mar 2006, 23:27
Thanks Laramaniac. :)

30th Mar 2006, 02:16
nice trick with the text

Lone Raider
30th Mar 2006, 05:44
Hi Goran, hi Laramaniac, long time no see *waves*
well, I had totally given up on Lara after TR6 which I thoroughly disliked, and returned to playing the Sims, and only occasionally had a nostalgic evening playing the old games. I was very hesitant about the new game... until I bought the demo yesterday.

It's quite fantastic. The graphics are breathtaking, the temple beautiful and spooky, and Lara moves indeed gracefully through the whole level. It is truly a beautiful return to TR1...Her movements do remind me a lot of Jak, which isn't a bad thing, however, I will always be one of those fans whose pleasure lay in Lara`s old, very precise controls. Still, the controls work out sweet, a big bravo to Crystal Dynamics.
Then again, after playing the demo once, the second time round I took only eight minutes to finish it. I read that the whole game will be finished in 8 hours of gameplay, and that is certainly a bit disappointing. So, I am happily gonna buy the game... but whether I'll buy it first hand or second hand, I don't know yet. Near 60 Euro for 8 hours gameplay? I just hope that TR 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be longer, lol!

30th Mar 2006, 08:37
The demo version is spetacular. :cool:

I actually love the way that the conrtols have been set, so easy to access and get used to in a matter of short time that I played the demo. No more holding on for dear life to the X button in case you fall off the cliff, ledge etc. Moving around the ledges is just a peice of cake with speed and ease.

That grappling hook is such a huge boost to Legend, which makes the game more fun and exciting to play.

I also loved the gunplay as you see in the fmv's is such a thrill to do yourself and is more consistent and thrilling. The lock on feature is excellent and works very well.

There was a genuine realism to the demo as I'm sure we'll see in the game itself, where you see the sun shining on Lara, the wind blowing the grass, the shadows, Lara dripping wet from the water and an overall good feel to the game which gives me an inner excitement.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

30th Mar 2006, 09:02
I've played the demo, and it's absolutely gorgeous. lovely to use...

I'm trying to remember what the controller layout was for it, as I'm typing it up....

Ah heck *goes off to play it again*

30th Mar 2006, 09:19
oh well having had thisifor a wekk now, i've played, it and played it, and played it... :p

The controls, are just sweet, smooth, easy to use, no hand gymnastics to do even the simplest tasks. The voice is simply Lara, perfect, theres a bit in the demo when shes talking about the merc being deliberatly non descript and when she says the word "deliberate" it is pure Lara. just before that section, as she is hanging of the side of a ledge listening in to the non descript merc on the radio, as she is about to pull up the look on her face, ..... thrills, just lara.
Overall i feel so excited about this title, it looks and feels like a dream game. How long it lasts i don;t know, the OPS2 mag, said it seemd a little short, but you just wanted to pay it again and again. So far, having lost count of how many times i've played the demo, i think this sounds likely for me :) £30 pre order from amazon, and boy am i pulling on the bit to get and play this game

i have one thing left to say welcome back Lara :p


Lone Raider
30th Mar 2006, 10:38
*And* there's going to be the Manor :D

30th Mar 2006, 12:17
*And* there's going to be the Manor :D

oh gosh yes, i can't wait, seeing the old place again with a makeover will be so much fun. i just can't wait Croft manor *sigh*can't wait next week i'll be abag of nerves till i get my package :)


31st Mar 2006, 19:21
To come back at the point I got stuck anybody knows how to???

Enter the site once the door slid open? I'm talking about the part where you have to move the crates so they stand on the stones to open the door. But how do I reach the ledge that goes to the door?

Thanx in advance

Lone Raider
31st Mar 2006, 20:26
To come back at the point I got stuck anybody knows how to???

Enter the site once the door slid open? I'm talking about the part where you have to move the crates so they stand on the stones to open the door. But how do I reach the ledge that goes to the door?

Thanx in advance

once the crates are in place, turn facing the entrance. In the right corner of the room is a chain that you can climb on...

1st Apr 2006, 00:15
Thanx Lone raider...:D

2nd Apr 2006, 23:33
*waves to Lone Raider....wow long time no see! ;) Glad Legend might pull you back in - nice to see ya! ;)

3rd Apr 2006, 02:59
Ya it seems a LOT of people have come back. :)

Lone Raider
3rd Apr 2006, 11:09
so, has anybody managed to find any secrets in the demo?

3rd Apr 2006, 11:50
The secrets have been removed from the demo :'(

Lone Raider
3rd Apr 2006, 12:07
o i c I did find a couple of places but nothing in them...

3rd Apr 2006, 14:38
In the temple when you swim through the water there is a air room half way along, but there was nothing there, maybe there will be in the game.

I can't wait until the 7th, Not long now.