View Full Version : I FOUND IT!! PSP GAMEPLAY VIDEOS!! (at least, someone else did on Gamespot Forums..)

27th Mar 2006, 00:56
Here's the link!! And you WON'T believe what your eyes are seeing!! And for sure, SEEING IS BELIEVING:D on PSP

NOTE: I really don't know what this is. Some french complementary mabober with Daxter and TR LEGEND (I guess the main leading adventurer heroes for the PSP!!) therefore, it'll slide back and forth with Daxter and TR LEGEND.

Hehe:) I guess you can thank me but really, you should thank this guy from this forums (username: Sigistauffen01):

and here's the link:D ENJOY!! (I still can't belive what I just saw:eek: )

27th Mar 2006, 01:02
Well i guess this is good for the PSP'ERS out there. but i'd rather 360 footage lol ^O^

27th Mar 2006, 01:14
Whoa!!! I'll definitely be picking this up for my psp (after I buy it for my ps2 of course) so i can take lara with me anywhere :D thanks for the link!

5th Apr 2006, 00:16
Well I thought everyone should know this...for those who sawthe PSP video gameplay footage will probably notice this already...

For one, we all know the Ps2 version's SQUARE is grapple...well now it's for CAMERA. Hold the button and move the analog stick, it acts as the R3 camera stick.

So where's the grapple you ask? Well...I've said that the Square was used for the camera in the PSP version therefore...

remember that little inventory at the bottom left corner of the screen (med-paks ,PLS [personal light source], binoclours, etc...[can't remmeber the last one:rolleyes: )? The grapple is now added to that inventory:eek: therefore you gotta "cycle" through it and then use the TRIANGLE button to use it....sounds more complicated eh:confused:

5th Apr 2006, 07:03
hi, cheers for postig that, it kinda looks, like graphics of an early ps2 game, :)

i will buy both those games (legend and daxter) for PSP as i travel around quite a bit up and down the country, so it;ll be good to have gaming whereever i go :)

definatly sticking to PS2 for the first game, version i get though :)


5th Apr 2006, 19:28
I'm a little worried `bout the release date...