View Full Version : Disc will not load

Stomper 409
26th Mar 2006, 15:40
I am trying to install Commandos Strike Force but my DVD drive will not read the disc.

Can anyone help?:(

26th Mar 2006, 17:48
Do you have a DVD-ROM drive you can install it from rather than the DVD-RW? Some DVD-RW drives are incompatible with the copy protection software. Also if you have CD/DVD copying/imaging software on your drive it is best to uninstall it as the copy protection software will detect it and block the install. Nero CD/DVD burning software can also cause this problem so try uninstalling that also.

Stomper 409
26th Mar 2006, 19:54
It is a DVD-Rom drive.

I have uninstalled Nero but still no luck.

Any more thoughts?

26th Mar 2006, 20:00
Rather than letting the disk autostart when it is inserted hold down the left shift key for a few secs as soon as you have inserted the disk. That will stop autostart. Then navigate to the disks contents via windows explorer/My Computer and find the setup.exe file - double click that and see if it installs.

Stomper 409
26th Mar 2006, 20:10
Thanks. I've tried that but the drive is not even showing that the disk is inserted.

I've tried other disks so I know that the drive works. I've even been back to the shop and exchanged the game but have the same problem with the new one.

27th Mar 2006, 08:31
Very odd :confused: It could be that the securom copy protection software has an issue with that drive or there is a software conflict. Try contacting securom support and send them an analysis file - details on contact email and how to do that at this link http://www.securom.com/support_enduser.asp?t=1

5th Apr 2006, 07:07
If you have another drive to try installing from try that. The fact that nothing is showing up, may be caused by the driver not being installed properly for your DVD drive. I had a similiar problem where windows had installed a CD rom driver for my DVD drive. Can you read other DVD roms?