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26th Mar 2006, 13:37
Hey all :) we know it's very good game in single player !! but in the multiplayer haves MUCH problems and lags and we like to see the co-op in the multiplayer and if the servers hosts on dedicated servers are much better than hosts on machines because machines = much lags !! the low ping server in multiplayer is 6052 !!! that's is the ping with the machines !!! please make a patch and fix them !! and i will very happy and much players happy !! i love to see the co-op mode !!! please ! make !! if co-op on commandos !! why not ? like commandos 2 !! co-op make it like rooms (P2P) only maximum player 3 !! and thx for everything i like to see them in CSF :) i buy Commandos 2 and 3 and Strike Force and C2 is the best in single player and multiplayer if Strike force make it more better please we will be much happy i love Strike Force And C2 :)) Thank You For Reading..