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Black Knight6662000
25th Mar 2006, 21:06
I remember when I first got the game when it came out I liked the idea of bumping into stuff and making a racket, however, you have to moving directly into an object and do it for a good 2 seconds straight before it moves. I remember changing a command in one the ini.'s i believe and made it so there is no delay. Really felt more interactive and like I had to watch where I walked. Anyone remember which one it is or has a place which discusses the commands in the ini's? I have seen the guide at tweakguides and some other one on these forums as well but niether had anything about physics; was more about HUD, graphics and gameplay. Thanks.

Black Knight6662000
25th Mar 2006, 21:15
Well I think I might have found it in the default.ini. Several commands called Playerhump. Looks like its set to 1.25 seconds of continual contact with an object before you move it. Gonna go test.

Black Knight6662000
25th Mar 2006, 21:58
Ok yea, it only works when you save the ini and restart the game, in other words, you can't load save games and it work. You must start a new one. In training, after you go through the sound tutorial, you crawl through a hole and there is a slope with a barrel on it. Try without editing the config to bump into it, it will block you for 1.25 seconds and then be pushed out of the way. Then edited and save the ini, start a new game and then try again, once you run near it and hit it, it will roll, just the way I think it should be.

In the default ini goto this seciton:

then goto the command:
PlayerHumping_MaxTime=1.25 and change it to 0.0

I figured most thief players would like this as it adds a little more challenge to watch out for objects to be knocked over.

BTW, is there a way to stop Garrett from slowing down when getting near walls or objects?

2nd Apr 2006, 06:27
Yes, you found the right setting. I have used playerhumping maxtime of .35 and thats pretty good. I like it lower also! It is so sweet to run passed a table and bump it and have the guards here it!

You can also increase the AI sensitivities for sight and hearing under the [Difficulty] settigns in default.ini.

Setting sight and hearing to 1.5 makes for much more realism! But you can tweak it to wherever you think is best.