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25th Mar 2006, 05:00
Dear Experts,

I was playing this game and I forgot in what stage..But, there were 2 panzers crossing the bridge to pass the gate and I have to prevent that panzer from crossing the bridge...I tried to granades them but it wont destroyed...Anyone knows how to destroy those panzer please????

Please help me,,,:confused:


25th Mar 2006, 08:44
I have this kind of probleam . Can anyone help?

25th Mar 2006, 08:50
I found someone answer this question but I haven't try it.
The ways to destory tank. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=57455)

Captian VK
27th Mar 2006, 05:51
Dear all

can you see the house at right hand of the bridge (behind the right MG42)
- go into that house -> look at right and u see the panzerfaust, pickup it and destroy the tank: easily. (remember if your panzerfaust run out ammo, go to there and reload your weapon).
Now you can destroy every thing you want

27th Mar 2006, 06:07
in the same building described above there are also anti tank mine...
2 for each panzer should be enough

24th Apr 2006, 18:26
in the begining of the stage, take the panzerfausts,smoke grenades and mines with the green beret in the ammu-house to the right (check your map for help). then, when ther first platoon of nazis are down cover the bridge with smoke grenades and plant mines as far as you can, then fall back to your defend position and continue fighting, when the moment of the panzers come, just shoot em with the panzerfaust...of course if the panzer pass the mines you planted.

remember the smoke cover disapears fast, so plant quickly the mines :thumbsup:

-The P@nisher-

26th Apr 2006, 12:43
As this has not been mentioned before, the best part to strike at a panzer is on the back, where the exhaust pipe (or fuel pump, whatever) of the tank is located. One direct hit there either with a couple of grenades, a panzerfaust or a sticky bomb will destroy the tank completely. At the front or at the sides the panzer has more armor, so you need more than one hit to destroy it.


mini bini
30th Apr 2006, 13:11
what i really like doing is getting the anti-tank mines (in the building to the right whre 2 norweigen guys are hiding) then when the panzer starts to cross you plant them then aply a quick bullet to the burning driver trying to escape:nut: .:lmao: then when the next panzer comes i blow it to hell with the panzerfaust.

but what i dont get is wtf am i supposed to do with the SDK crossing?

Iakovas where do you get the sticky bombs on that level anyway?

30th Apr 2006, 14:19
Sorry, I was speaking in general on how to kill panzers in several missions.

For the "White Alamo" mission, you get 2 antitank mines, 3 to 4 panzerfausts and 10 grenades (two cases of them), plus smoke grenades.

For the "panzers" mission, you get 3 to 4 panzerfausts, smoke grenades (five available) and sticky bombs (no limit here).

For "defend the mother russia" mission, you get grenades, smoke grenades and molotov cocktails.

As far as the SDK is concerned, you first need to kill the machinegunner of the armored vehicle, then destroy the SDK all together, before men from that vehicle try to take over the town. You can do this either:
a) by killing the machinegunner at first with a sniper's bullet, then by destroying the SDK with one or two grenades or an antitank mine or a panzerfaust hit. Less dangerous as only the vehicle will be moving towards you.
b) or by killing the machinegunner and by destroying the SDK all together by using an antitank mine or grenades or a panzerfaust hit. The second is more deadly as the machinegunner will still be shooting at you when you try to take him/it out.