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25th Mar 2006, 04:25
While I'm sitting here, being amused by a breakdancing Lara Croft desktop buddy I thought I'd post a brief "trailer" of a Tomb Raider fan fiction I'm writing. I never completed the first game so this version of the scion may be much different from the one in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and this is in a sense before AoD as Von Croy is in this. Also, keep in mind this is still in the works, so nothing is final.

Narrator: While visiting his cousin, Trevor Sanders makes a discovery that will lead to an adventure...

[Scene cuts Trevor reading a letter Lara had crumpled up and tossed on the floor]

Trevor: Lara? Why'd you crumple this up?

Lara: It's from Werner Von Croy.

Trevor: The one that left you for dead in Egypt?

Lara: *frowns* Yes, he needs help and it's not going to be from me.

[Scene cuts to a small campsite outside of a pyramid in Egypt]

Trevor's voice: Werner's found something that he feels you should look at.

Lara's voice: Not on my life.

Trevor's voice: Well, he says that he's never seen anything like this before.

Lara's voice: No.

Trevor's voice: Then I'll go.

Lara's voice: Fine, I'll come, but only because Bryce would have a tantrum if something happened to you.

Trevor's voice: So when do we go?

Lara's voice: After I whip you into shape.

Trevor's voice: *sarcastically* I can't wait.

Narrator: Lara Croft....

[Screen flashes words "Lara Croft"]

Narrator: And Trevor Sanders....

[Screen flashes words "Trevor Sanders"]

Narrator: Are on the adventure that will lead them around the world.

[Scene cuts to Lara and Trevor looking at something in Lara's hand]

Lara: This is a part of one of the world's most legendary and destructive artifact.

Trevor: The Scion? But I thought that it was a myth.

Lara: Well, you thought wrong...this is a small piece, there are probably a hundred others.

Trevor: Great, we have an artifact that has a hundred pieces scattered around the world.

Lara: Yep, so let's get going.

Trevor: Alright.

Narrator: That will create a chain of unthinkable events...

[Scene cuts to Lara and Trevor back to back in Lara's house during a home invasion]

Trevor: *tosses flash grenade* FB OUT!

Lara and Trevor: *cover eyes as the flashbang explodes*

Trevor: *pulls out a pair of Desert Eagles and fires at the stunned invaders*

Hilary: *shoots a man from the second floor with his shotgun*

Lara: *shoots down a man who's dropping in through the roof*

[Scene cuts to Lara and Trevor getting out of a Jeep Commander]

Trevor: Well....*gets shot*

Lara: GREAT *fires in general direction of the original shot*

[Scene cuts to Lara and Trevor in a cramped tomb]

Lara: *stumbles into Trevor's arms*

Trevor: *chuckles*

Lara: *leans in*

[Scene fades to black]

Narrator: Tomb Raider: The Scion Returns.