View Full Version : Help for Betrayal mission

24th Mar 2006, 22:40
I´m currently stuck on the "A Traitor?" mission, because i can´t get close to the truck i need to sabotage, due to the MG42´s.

How can i get there?:confused:

24th Mar 2006, 23:42
well on that mssion if its the one im thinkin of, i think i killed everyone. First i shot the traitor, which stopped the execution, then shot a few moref rom the gallery thing, and hten jumped down and mowed the rest with the MG42, then finished the rest near the truck.

But im sure theres a more sneaky way....:rolleyes:

25th Mar 2006, 15:23
I still can´t get close to the MG42´s, neither i can go around them...:confused:

Can anyone help me...:(

25th Mar 2006, 15:29

I was referring to the "A Traitor?" mission!!

25th Mar 2006, 20:16
I´ve passed it already. :o

Thanks anyway:thumbsup:

25th Mar 2006, 23:20
:thumbsup: Great - best way round that one is to have the officers uniform (from previous mission) then stick to the trees and shrubs which go round the back of the MG and trucks. You can crawl under the fallen tree on the left to get round the back. Walk right past officers or they will find you suspicious. You have the bombs with you by default, no need to select them, and should stick them to the green flashing bomb locations on the 2 trucks and 2 flak.