View Full Version : Eye for an Eye Mission Crash

24th Mar 2006, 12:48
Have been playing Commandos Strike Force and i really love this game.

I have reach the mission ' An eye for an eye' but the game crashes just after the mission intro.
The intro shows 2 of your commandos with a russian sniper, a tank rolls by then they cross the street and jump into a bomb crater.

The screen goes black and i have a critical failure and my pc shuts down and restarts again. I have updated all my drivers and have had no problem running the game in previous missions.

I have p4 2.4ghz, 1gb ram, geforce fx 5900 card, win XP home, direct x 9.0c.

I have tried reinstalling it all again but still crashes after mission intro.

Any ideas? or known issue awaiting patch?

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

Captian VK
27th Mar 2006, 05:44
It's same problem with me before

Try to install latest vga driver (version 84.21 on www.nvidia.com - download driver)

Now i solved this problem very well
hope that to you

Captian VK

27th Mar 2006, 09:45
I thought it may be a driver issue and hadnt relised that a new nvidia driver was released this month. Updated and everythings fine now

Thanks for the heads up Captian VK :thumbsup: