View Full Version : Unknown Problem Direct X Related Possibly

24th Mar 2006, 00:10
I recently installed this game I heard it was banned so I bought it off of Ebay, it's supposed to be as good as gta but anyway I installed it and it all seemed to be working fine. I start the game and the intro plays and stuff but then I get an error:

and I've tried unistalling K-Lite Codec pack and updating my video card drivers, no change still getting the error I'm not sure what to do.

any help would be appreciated thanks.

28th Mar 2006, 19:40
your video card must be missing either pixel shader or vertex shader. go to www.srtest.com and select 25 to life. if it runs the test check the video card section. if your missing any of that stuff start shopping for a new video card. emulators wont work on 25 to life. drivers or patches cant help this either.... any pixel or vertex shader version is a chip that is physically on the video card itself.