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23rd Mar 2006, 19:13
What happened to the old Commandos game style??
Why we cant drag bodies?
Why bodies disappear after a while??
Why we cant CRAWL?
What happened to the ultimate STEALTH game??
& where's the Marine guy and Inferno??
We liked Commandos for its unique game style, not the 1st person shooter!! its more like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor!!

PLZ EIDOS Int. & PYRO Studios switch back to the old gameplay mode!!!

The Lone Soldier
23rd Mar 2006, 21:05
He has got a point there!:)

23rd Mar 2006, 23:50
Excuse me but:

Indeed this is a new Commandos game style... with slight remembrance to the old series. We knew that!
We also knew that we cant drag bodies around... we can whine about it... but we did.
Bodies disappear because that's what the developers believed was the best case scenario for a FPS style of game. I disagree but we knew that.
We cant crawl... because I have no idea why we cant crawl...
Furthermore, CSF does retain a huge dose of stealth in it.
What happened to the marine and the Sapper? Oh, c'mon, were you leaving under a rock or something?
In addition, it has nothing to do with MoH and CoD... those games did not require stealth at all.

I like the new style... but still it can be enhanced to the old ways, some of them I prefered...


24th Mar 2006, 09:39
They have decided to change the style, I have chosen not to buy this game.

24th Mar 2006, 10:50
i think they will switch back to old style when they notice that CSF have no match again these other first player shooter game . i love thief and spiner , inferno make thing worst sometime , i like silent kill:) i dont like this CSF:cool:

24th Mar 2006, 14:17
i agree with alot that has been said , please make the next installment the view from above again so its more like the commandos we all know + love.
to be honest though i found the game ok , im just playing though it again .
the 1st time i finished it i played it like a normal fps , but this time im playing it stealthfully , trying not to use gun .
now it at least feels like im playing commandos :thumbsup:

25th Mar 2006, 00:13
hate fps bring please dont change it for good this is the only commandos title i will never own :(

27th Mar 2006, 21:39
Well ive just finished it, pretty good game nothing that special and mutiplayer seems abit duff. i'd give it 7/10. Think i will just sell it now, good game though. :thumbsup:

28th Mar 2006, 00:47
i agree if you don_eli this version of commandos attachments.I don´t like it, if I knew that version 2 was best I had not bought this.

29th Mar 2006, 07:46
Yes, the new game is cool, and it even reminds me Hitman! But when we buy Commandos we want to play real Commandos. C I, II and III are adorable. This is games-legends!:rolleyes:

o'hare returns
29th Mar 2006, 15:28
it's very true that this incarnation of our beloved commandos is terrible:(
the original and it's add on, along with the 2 sequels were brilliant. that's why, for me, commandos was "top 3 games EVER" material.
this is a poor FPS and not only a waste of £20, but it sullies the good name of it's, hugely superior, ancestors. :thumbsdown:

for shame.

29th Mar 2006, 16:19
Does anyone think Commandos 5 will be like it's former predecessors? Or will they continue the new Strike Force style? I can't say which style I like better because I have never played Commandos Strike Force. Although I can say I have enjoyed all of the old ones.:)

29th Mar 2006, 16:57
I hope they actually go backo to the old style, with some good graphics it should be a good game. But yeah i dont think this game harmed the title

29th Mar 2006, 18:06
I doubt they will go backwards to the old isometric strategy view of the first three games. All WWII strat games are now moving into full 3d and utilising the full power of Dx9c and the latest graphics cards. I think the next one will be 3d too, if they do another one.

For me this version was just an FPS with a bit of stealth mixed in. You certainly dont need the stealth aspects of gameplay to win the game which makes them a pretty redundant component. None of the missions were sufficiently different to anything that has been done before in the FPS world.

There are supposed to be three commandos in the game but you rarely get to use all three in a single mission in any strategic and interactive way, which is a waste of good potential as this couild have really spiced things up.

Overall it is nothing new and really just a 'play once & put on the shelf' (or sell on Ebay) sort of game.

30th Mar 2006, 06:31
I agree with all of the above posts nad I want to add something - it's the shortest commandos ever.

30th Mar 2006, 07:14
I agree with all of the above posts nad I want to add something - it's the shortest commandos ever.

Nope, thats C3; can be beaten in less than 4 hours. If you play CSF on commando mode there is no way you can finish it within that time (at least not the stealthy way.)

31st Mar 2006, 22:16
Nope, thats C3; can be beaten in less than 4 hours. If you play CSF on commando mode there is no way you can finish it within that time (at least not the stealthy way.)
I should want to know what commando mode is?
but I dont think this is a bad game!
I think Pyro has just made it right with the difficulty and gameplay and the biggest relief to me the "star-system".
For example my cousin( who dont want to spend money so he comes to my house to play) plays this game with "shoot all" style: he gets 1 star in every mission.
And then theres me: I play with stealth. in first Stalingrad mission I made 45 stealth kills of 50 possible ( not to show I´m good, someones´s must got 50) and I get 5 stars in almost every mission( only white alamo and the second mission I have got 2 and 3 stars).
But then there´s the Spy who I love to play with. But why Pyro( Pyro does mean that you can answer if you know) why does everybody know I´m an enemy when the alarms on and I have a Gestapo officers clothes on? they haven´t seen me doing anything, just a body on the floor? And then bodies disappear! That´s a tricky question but it could have been drag bodies around kind of game and that wouldnt have been nice either so this is good. And I dont thiink this is the worst commandos. I have played commandos 1 and that, sorry to say, sucks after I played c2 and c3 who are much better( c2 is the best:) )games than c1. Okay c1 came out 98 and c2 01 or 02. There´s 3-4 years between them so there much be a difference in a better way.But anyway Csf provides great stealth nice shooting pretty good gameplay and the nice star- system so I would give it 8.7/ 10 .

31st Mar 2006, 23:04
I should want to know what commando mode is?

It's a difficulty mode which comes available when you earn 5 stars in each mission. Or you just download this mod (http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=138). :)

2nd Apr 2006, 18:55
It's a difficulty mode which comes available when you earn 5 stars in each mission. Or you just download this mod (http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=138). :)
I have it almost so I´ll check it out

3rd Apr 2006, 07:09
Yesterday I finally played CSF with new drivers… And now I can say that this Commandos is really the worst EVER. This isn’t even Commandos, this is a horrible mix of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Hitman…:mad:

10th Apr 2006, 21:07
Why did you "kill" Commandos series? Why to change a wonderful game like previous versions and change it to FPS style??? :mad:

It's really bad and i am very disapointed with this game. Even Commandos Behind the Enemy Lines is better than this one... Real fans like me wanted a strategy game, not a complete 3D game with poor artificial intelligence, not all the commandos and a bad FPS... If we wanted to play an FPS game, we would play Call of Duty, Medal of Honor or something like that..

This is just a new game, completly different from old versions and just with it's name. It would be better if you had done the game and don't say it was a Commandos game.. I have seen much foruns and i can tell you that truly fans are really disapointed.

I hope you will learn with this error and make a new relesase soon. And being an engineering student, i can tell that i have heard many times that consumers should have experiment the product before the final release, in order to get some feedback of final users and correct somethings, like bugs, etc.. It's just a suggestion to maybe use in the future.

11th Apr 2006, 15:42
I think Commandos change to FPS is such a good idea!
Because old type just can't creat new trick(ah...maybe...:rolleyes: )
So, I like the game....if we can drag and search bodies, and command the Alliance soldier.

Commandos shouldn't be a "kill" game!
If I just want kill german, I can play BIA!
Win a battle the "almost" no kll is commandos' style....I think.

I hope IDOS Int. & PYRO Studios can creat a tactical Commandos not a kill commandos!:D

12th Apr 2006, 10:05
im totally with DON_ELI this game is worst of the Commandos Series

even from Commandos one

the best of this series in sounds and story and graphic in its year its the legend COMMANDOS 2 : MEN OF COURAGE

i say that each time ive enter this forum although i ve complete the
worst game CSF

but i want to ask aquestion now wheres is the Support of Eidos here
isnt this forums to keep connected with the great company and the makers of the game???

can any one replay im too confused now bad graphics problem bad mutliplayer
bad story 3charcchters only...... and more of this...

Waffen SS
16th Apr 2006, 11:21
im totally with DON_ELI this game is worst of the Commandos Series

even from Commandos one

the best of this series in sounds and story and graphic in its year its the legend COMMANDOS 2 : MEN OF COURAGE

i say that each time ive enter this forum although i ve complete the
worst game CSF

but i want to ask aquestion now wheres is the Support of Eidos here
isnt this forums to keep connected with the great company and the makers of the game???

can any one replay im too confused now bad graphics problem bad mutliplayer
bad story 3charcchters only...... and more of this...

Hello fans,

I am also a huge fan of Commandos series and I am a guru modder too.:rolleyes: The fact is that the original fans (which includes me) did not like Csf because they have already decided that csf is bad without playing the game. Another reason is that people are supporting others in the fact that csf is a poor game so some people are afraid to say that csf is good. Well, In my case, I boldly say that csf is the best of the series. Some people said that it is a gun and run case. IT IS NOT. Play it in Commando difficulty and you will not be able to complete the mission if you do not utilize your Commando skills. The game has written stealth and tricks everywhere and you are free to choose your gameplay. So I like csf and please do not post bad comments until you play it in Commando difficulty and of throughly. :p

However, things will not stay forever. It is good that you have a Commando feeling when you play Strike force. You will think that you are part of something elite. And the new csf is very realistic.:cool:

A good news for fans who liked the previous series. I would like to play the previous versions again. And a good fact is, we can reborn them again by modding. Tools are ready and I am a good modder. So I require the help of the community and I will gift you another Commandos game with loads of new missions, challenge etc..

However, the graphics of csf seemed poor to someone. I suggest you run it in a good grafic card. It is cool! And the animations are excellent. The music is too.:)

So, fans,
if you want to play with our favourite O'hara, just give me a helping hand.:D

17th Apr 2006, 19:27
i have 3 days playing the game and i dont get the excitement as before.reminds me a lot the call of duty and games like this.I agree that the choise to modify the game wasnt the best and the result is a failure.if i want to play a game like this i can play the call of duty or hitman which was one of my favorites as was commandos till now.But is not that the point.what made till now commandos different than the competition was exactly the whole style of it.they could improve missions they could create missions but i would never expect a game resulting like call of duty and others.Im sorry i am very dissapointed.I loved commandos but the real ones with the whole style they had.Besides that the sounds of the weapons is like the call of duty and other similar.at least should be better more improved than the third version of commandos and more real like farcry maybe.as i said im very dissapointed.

22nd Apr 2006, 15:15
Hitman more better than this game

The Best39
30th Apr 2006, 16:19
I agree, =/. I just played the demo and I was thoroughly dissapointed. Commandos shoul have stuck to what they know best and not made a poor FPS with giant competition.

4th May 2006, 15:14
many discussions about comandos sf ... first, you cant compare this game with the other comando tittles, its like compare bananas with potatoes...:scratch: theyre diferente game styles, shooter need to be compared with shooters, and rpg's with other rpg's...and thats it:thumbsup:

i like this last comando, maybe in graphics is not really good, other shooters have better pics (F.E.A.R., area 51 etc)...but the characters are so cool, and the music, sounds are very good.:thumbsup:

i hope comandos guys do more games like comandos sf and add a coop multiplayer and other kinds of stuff:rolleyes:

-the p@nisher-

8th May 2006, 02:46
I am finished with the game but to be honest… It’s beyond my expectation. I’m expecting something exciting features for this new commando’s series. Here’s my question with CSF:

1.Commando Control – looks like counter strike. Are they tried to copy the control style from CS?
2.Move together – Why all the commandos unable to move together with “select all” control?
3.Collect Ammo – Why the entire commando’s unable to collect the ammo from the died Nazi’s?
4.Why the Green Beret unable to hide or buried his body into snow or else… also why they cannot look inside thru the windows??
5.Where are the others weapons? E.g. slipping pills poison.

From my point of view… A commando 3, Destination Berlin is the best Commandos series, and my last question is… are they lack of ideas to develop the games?

9th May 2006, 14:33
go and see the wishlist posts

-The P@nisher-

11th May 2006, 11:01
Hm Hm Hm... When I heared the game name first, I also said then: Counter-Strike Strike Force:D
And the game shortly name: CSF
And the Counter-Strike's: CS
Then: Counter-Strike Force -> CSF:D

But I think they just want make the new generation of Commandos and I think for first try it's not bad.

11th May 2006, 11:07
For me the Commandos 2 is the best Commandos!:D But...the CSF isn't bad too!:D

14th May 2006, 04:59
this game is empty of any atraction, i don't consider it realistic anymore, i don't like it, i don't enjoy it, i nothing about

it's just a financial scam naming it commandos, this game is really crap, no inovation=they just used some ready to use 3d engine and game creator, since the game has the common crap caracterstics of any crappy 3d shooter from 5 years ago

21st May 2006, 14:13
**** for an fps is one of the best i ever played, its well done BUTITS AN FPS wath happened for the commandos i loved?????i was really disapointed when i noticed that the new commandos i was expecting 4 so long WAS AN FPS

10th Jun 2006, 19:12
you guys are just...well, never mind, I did like this game, like an FPS, and that's what it is: an FPS with some gameplay similarity with commandos. this is not commandos4 ,if it was, i would have hated it

12th Jun 2006, 16:32
i like it i thought it was like splinter cell littel and i like the gun sounds:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao

13th Jun 2006, 19:33
those are nice, but fake, and the part of the GB holding two thompsons, well, I spoke to some guy who tried that, and it's impossible to hold one while shooting the other, so shooting both, well, forget it**** and no, the mp40 is'n't possible too

still I like the Shooter, as is, and there are some commandos influences, and it's the first FPS I played in which stealth could earn you more points then other ways. There is the secret objectives part, which I only know from H&D2. Finally, for the ones who loved the strategy style, I know another game for you, which is great, and very familiar to the commandos, still very unique. send PM for more info

20th Jun 2006, 02:38
I've been a fan of Commandos series from day one. I'm proud to say I've *purchased* all releases of the series over the years. Its been a game unlike anything else out there, the game play has had you hooked for hours upon hours.

WELL what can I saw about the new release just out??? Well I'm glad to say I'm ever so glad I did not waste my money on it! Commandos is Commandos we all know n love the game play / style. Eidos really stuffed up big time here.

yer it may be a reasonable FPS, but if we want that crap we go for COD etc etc.

Its a very sad day Eidos.....

Bring back the real commandos...

15th Jul 2006, 12:02
The only games i have played in my life were 1,2,3 commandos! With 4th I can only say that I will start all over again with c1! Hope that c5 will come out soon and that they will repair the damage done!

Kiwi Man
16th Jul 2006, 07:35
I doubt they will go backwards to the old isometric strategy view of the first three games. All WWII strat games are now moving into full 3d and utilising the full power of Dx9c and the latest graphics cards. I think the next one will be 3d too, if they do another one.

Nobody said anything about going back to isometric style games instead of 3-D ones. What was suggested was that the next Commandos be changed back to the old, top view strategy game style - like the previous games, which includes Commandos 3, which was a fully 3-D game even though it was still a top view one. So even though the old style was mainly isometric, it doesn't mean that a top view game has to be. People are merely suggesting that the next games be top view strategy games, not suggesting that the games go back in time and use 2-D engines.

16th Jul 2006, 08:10
Strategy games utilizing a 3D game engine are always a tricky thing (look at what happend to Settlers). Now in Commandos they've chosen to radicly (sp?) change the game and well it's not like you opened the box and didn't know about it! Sure it carried the name Commandos but it sure wasn't advertised to be like teh old games. Additionally you can't really compare this type of Commandos with the old ones because they're so different. One thing is though that graphicly Commandos 2 and 3 (and in a way the CBEL and BTCOD too) were more stunning than CSF. The level of detail in houses, maps etc. was (according to our fansites founder) handpainted which resulted in better looking environments. The talent of the artist can still be witnessed in CSF though, especially in the unlocked artwork.

The thing is that whatever Eidos & Pyro did there would always be complainers. Basicly I think it's wise to not endlessly continue a series *cough*Tomb Raider*cough* and dare to take a risk in a new direction. Some mod tools for the old series would still be nice though. Leave it to the community to keep the games living :)

Personally I find that CSF gives a better understanding of the direction that C3 took. Already introducing more action and less stealth to the players, making them in a way ready for CSF.

24th Jul 2006, 14:55
There was a time when commandos was the lead product of the pyro studios, as a matter of fact it[Commandos: BCD,BEL, MOC] has brought this studio to limelight. Yet, its quite irronic that the very product has now been interpolated to such an extent that now it will sink the name of this studio, who seems to be hell bent upon ruinning commandos legacy.!

I mean, when the beta version of Commandos[BCD] was released way back in 95-96 , we had not many tools to work in between commandos. Players needed to have thrifty finger such that the Left mouse button may be pressed to allow the seemingly innocuous hand gun may fire like a sub machine gun!!?, its true, no matter how irronic or unreal it seemed. The game had 20 missions, yet i believe that ,that commandos version and its expansion [BCD] are way better than this CSF.It might not have been a hit as compared its best selling commandos :- MOC . Yet, a decade ago and competing against the likes of Novalogic's DF2, Air Simulator 's , commandos was better.

And then came The commandos : Men Of Courage[MOC] , completly changed graphics, Addition of new commandos, I Mean, no one , looking at the game would believe that it could run well on PC 's With 500 Mhz Speed, And More importantly with less than 8 MB of Video card memory!!!, this game worked fine.The graphics, the gameplay , all made this commandos a hit , brought name to pyro studios.

And then came the downfall, by bringing in a half-baked, expansion of the above : Destination berlin. It dissapointed many who had played MOC. Now, when one looks at CSf, it seems pyro never listened to those who expressed thier dissapointment when destination berlin came. Rather than making improvement on the 3rd person commandos strategy game they have created for so long, they simply relinquish the 3rd person strategy genre, and jump to FPS WW2 , where already there are renowed game like Activisions CAll Of Duty, And EA's MoH, who are well versed in this genre. What a debacle!, bravo pyro , bravo you go this way and some day we won't even hear the name of commandos series let alone pyro!!.

I mean, i haven't bought CSF, nor tried the demo because i was dissapointed the very moment i came to know that the CSF would be a FPS rather than its original 3rd person strategy.

new delhi, India

24th Jul 2006, 15:05
Try the demo, it´s better than you think, and go next time to the "worst commandos ever" topic, where there are 40 other messages about commandos in ww2 1st person shooter, plz, thx.

thx admins/moderators

12th Sep 2006, 19:52
well im dissapointed in the new direction too,what made me angry a lot was the absence of the other commandos, what happened to the sapper the marine the inferno the girl,lupin,and the dog whiskey:P,y u made it a fps??y the hell did u do that, what happened to the old map style,that was better,a lot better guys.not much stealth in this one,i hate it,what happened to the cigarette,the trap that the sapper used to put,the bombs attached to the wire,also one of sapper actions....
so guys next time put back all the commandos in the game,all of them,and wish u could add more of them,like a pilot or smthn lol:P a new character,but the most imp is to go back to the old style,i must say,the commandos 2 men of courage was the best commandos i've ever played,i miss that guy lupin his speed,his proffesionality as a thief jumping through windows climbing poles....so guys next time when ur making a new commandos game ask the opinions of ur fans and go back to the old style i can assure u that was better.good luck in ur next mission creating commandos:Nazzis Failure

3rd Oct 2006, 02:28
the old commandos game play is what made this game unique and what made me think that it was the best game ever.. I liked all versions so far and everytime a new one came out I found out first.

but the new one...

I couldn't be more dissapointed. look at desperados 2.. it has the new 3d rts feel but it still manages to keep some of the old feel (I'm also a bit dissapointed in that too but not as this one).

the old style allowed programmers to use highly detailed and lovely graphics. it was great..

why do another "job" if you are the best at one and you do it very good???

3rd Oct 2006, 02:30
check out spellbound games (they don't dissapoint as much).. try the "chicago 1930"

the new desperados is also nice although I don't recommend it very much

3rd Oct 2006, 02:31
don't ever follow market researches or whatever convinced you to go into FPS. why did you do it?? :mad2:

3rd Oct 2006, 08:23
Wootnone, you have to understand why Pyro did this, they said themselves that they couldn´t make anything new to the old commandos, so they made a new, I think that was very brave(though they didn´t succeeded so well) of them. AND the new Desperados is worse than this, cause it doesn´t know if it is a shooter, or a tactic sneaky game. This is a FPS shooter.

9th Oct 2006, 12:25
If the new CSF 2 (or whatever name for a sequel) keeps some, not all, of the elements that made the commandos series successful in the first time, then I'll be buying it.

CSF has alot of room to spare just to be pure strategy and a bit of FPS. All Pyro needs is to listen again... they did listen with C2, they can with CSF.


17th Oct 2006, 06:37
Commandos Strike Force was also a bit of a disappointment for me. Like mentioned before this game has alot of resemblance with Call of Duty. There are more similarities between CSF and CoD then former titles in the commandos series and that's a shame. The feeling is just not the same :\.