View Full Version : PC Patch????

23rd Mar 2006, 19:10
When will patch 25ToLife for PC??:rolleyes: Never?! :rolleyes:
I Am Tired of that cheaters out there, every second game some1 is cheating, and there are not lots of guns! I want to see Commando, SAW, 50 cal. sniper, pistol 45. SD.... just like its in single player:cool:

24th Mar 2006, 00:20
PS2 just got the patch finally. The new weapons are the 50 Cal Sniper and SAW.

24th Mar 2006, 01:44
yeah its pretty sick but i still dont use any of um/

24th Mar 2006, 22:16
ok eidos yall madwe tha patch for PS2 version good:thumbsup: , but yall didnt made one for the other versions like PC and X-box we need a patch too and i bought the game for $25 dollars in US:mad: :mad: :mad: