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23rd Mar 2006, 12:26
Hey all,

Is there anyone that can tell me how to destroy the 2 tanks that are crossing the bridge? Grenades don't seem to have any effect.

23rd Mar 2006, 12:51
antitank mines.... (if i remember correctly) that you find inside the house...
2 for each tank + 1 good bullet to the tank driver that escapes in flames

that will do it ;) :D

23rd Mar 2006, 12:51
You need the panzerfaust which is located in the house as shown on the screenshot (http://users.skynet.be/turkyen5/panzerfaust.jpg).

23rd Mar 2006, 13:13
didt notice the rocket launcher, i jut put about 6 mines on the bridge, and then didt really worry about the tanks after that. :cool:

10th Jun 2006, 19:10
didt notice the rocket launcher, i jut put about 6 mines on the bridge, and then didt really worry about the tanks after that. :cool:

oh, but it can be done this way, just make sure you go on under smoke cover as far as possible, place one mine, step back about 4 metres, place two mines next two each other, and make 4 steps back again, then place two mines again, and run for it. the first mine will get the SDK, the second/third will take out the first tank, and the fourth/fifth will take out the other one, simple. that leaves you with enough panzerfausts to kill the boats.

14th Jun 2006, 09:56
In which difficulty are you referring to? I only get 2 mines in both normal and hard. Are there more mines somewhere else?


15th Jun 2006, 17:45
iakovos is right, theres only TWO antitank mines....if there more on other place share it with us pal:D

28th Aug 2006, 18:12
Hi everybody!! I am posting cause i cant pass the white alamo mission...i cant destroy the first panzer, i use the panzerfaust(i shoted 8times), the antipanzer mines and granedes but the panzer doesnt explode...can u help me please ;)

28th Aug 2006, 18:44
There are several other posts adressing your question (search for posts under my name), but to be quick about it... the panzers need at least 3 direct shots at the front in order to be destroyed. One antitank mine will do the trick very easily, as only one is needed to blow it up. The difficulty of this is to place the mine directly in front of the steel wheels of the tank. As you cannot do that as the tank passes, you have to guess on where it will go, prior of them crossing the bridge. Another hint is that one direct shot is needed at the back of the tank, since there the panzer is the more vulnerable. So let the tank pass and fire up its *ss. :lol:

Good luck,

28th Aug 2006, 19:47
thanks for your help iakovos!! But I am going to quit, I cant, i shot him 6 times on the front, I put 4 antitankes mines but the f * * * * * * tank doesnt explode!!!the SDK is to easy to blow up but the tank is impossivel(for me)...I'm very bored cause I love this game but I cant pass this mission :mad2:

28th Aug 2006, 19:52
Do u have any codes to pass missions?? I hate to do that but I'm tired of trying to pass ...

29th Aug 2006, 10:14
There are no codes for Commandos Strike Force.
But since you... passed this mission in... the other thread, good luck with the next one.