View Full Version : PSP Questions

21st Mar 2006, 01:32
Anyone know if the PSP & PS2 versions are the same? Alot of games that are released for both systems are usually the same.
Also anyone know when it will be released?

21st Mar 2006, 01:36
well it's the same game for all verions, except the psp wil have this extra "race mode" thinger, where u go throught a level and try to get the best time. the psp will have the least better looking graphics and the controls will be slightly modifed for the lack of the 2nd analouge stick. and as of a release date. noone knows, i think, but i would say in May.

26th Mar 2006, 11:21
no they arent the psp has multiplayer and the ps2 has different costumes.