View Full Version : almost done w/ first fm, need some help

the taffer
20th Mar 2006, 22:03
I learn mainly by toying around with stuff and some reading. I was fooling around with TOW and i've learned some stuff but when i saved it and loaded it in my FM, Then loaded new ones, the old ones were still there. How can I delete the mission quest data? Also I could not figure out what the T2 special flag box meant in TOW. I was hoping to add in a bonus obj of getting a jewel and thought the special flag box or specials box would have to do w/ it. Thanks a bunch to whoever helps.

21st Mar 2006, 07:49
For deleteing a objvetive type in the command box;

quest_delete goal_####_0

HerĀ“s some examples

quest_delete goal_type_0
quest_delete goal_state_0
quest_delete goal_irreversible_0
quest_delete goal_target_0
quest_delete goal_visible_0
quest_delete goal_loot_0
quest_delete goal_gold_0
quest_delete goal_gems_0
quest_delete goal_goods_0
quest_delete goal_final_0
quest_delete goal_special_0
quest_delete goal_specials_0
quest_delete goal_optional_0
quest_delete goal_bonus_0
quest_delete goal_min_dif_0
quest_delete goal_max_dif_0
quest_delete goal_reverse_0

thies are all for the first objvetive, to delete say objvetive 3, just replace number 0 with 2 (rember that objvetives start at number 0) to see what needs to be deletede take a look in Mission questdata.

the taffer
21st Mar 2006, 19:18
cool i did not know that, thanks. I did find out yesturday that you can play schemas in the command box which I thought was really cool. So u can get the right voice or ambient sound that ur looking for.