View Full Version : Please help: No Soundcar

20th Mar 2006, 11:39

When i start the game it says: No soundcard detected. I have an on-board soundcard: SigmaTel C-Major Audio. But the latest driver i found for this is from 2004. Anyone know a solution? Maybe a 3rd party driver?


28th Mar 2006, 21:24
try go into the game settings for sound? see if u can tell it u have an onboard sound card.

the other option is to search for it on google and get the newest drivers available. (1st or 3rd party)

5th Apr 2006, 07:02
Click on Start->Run->Type in DXDIAG

Once the DirectX Diagnostic tool is running click on the sound tab and see if Direct X is showing a sound card if its not contact your computer manufacturer as you have something strange going on with your system. They should be able to point you to updated drivers or a fix.