View Full Version : need some help w/ setting up the objectives

the taffer
20th Mar 2006, 02:28
Could someone tell me how to set up objectives in a mission? Thanks.

20th Mar 2006, 11:18
There are instructions for that in the official tutorial (which comes with Dromed).

Also, there's Komag's tutorial:
Page: http://www.keepofmetalandgold.com/essentials.htm
Direct link to file: http://www.keepofmetalandgold.com/files/KomagTutvT2.zip

the taffer
20th Mar 2006, 19:51
ok cool thanks, yeah I knew one came w/ the tutorial but I did not know what happened to the tutorial. I started up the fms then I took a little break now im back to doing it.

the taffer
20th Mar 2006, 20:25
i do have one question about the mission objectives... Is TOW one of the simplest programs to work with out there? It seems like it is. If anyone knows a program that has more options for objectives, let me know plz. thnx.