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19th Mar 2006, 20:54
I have the latest ATI driver.

Problem :

Characters looked at from close appear as an half only, the other half appearing/disappearing every second.

Characters looked at from distance are flashy (appear/disappear) every second.

My own hands don't appear (I managed to fix this a bit, read below)

The same problem occured with GTA San Andreas: solution for it was to download an old ATI driver, but I don't know if the same solution would work here.

I tried to change a few settings in the ATI catalyst panel :
- antialiasing : I unchecked 'let the application decide' and switched the cursor to 2x performance. Too I checked the performance box (unchecked quality one)
- antisotropic filtering : I unchecked 'let the application decide'.
After those changes, the only improvement is that my hands have started to appear (but not all the times, they appear/disappear).

Maybe I'll try to install the same old driver that worked with GTA san Andreas to see if this solves the problem.

Any suggestions ?


19th Mar 2006, 21:01
to install the ATI catalyst 4.9 (released back in 2004... lol).
This was the solution to fix the problem with GTA San Andreas.

Will post the result here.

19th Mar 2006, 21:19
Really ATI sucks ...

If you have this problem with an ATI card, go to the ATI website and download the driver catalyst 4.9 (you have to search in the old drivers section). It WORKS !

20th Mar 2006, 06:03
same problem on me

but isaw it on 9200 on intel machine have great look and satblilty

does u recommen install a software or somthing

please help

wer;s the combany its says 9200 combatible

pleaseeeee help

20th Mar 2006, 21:00
Tienes que instalar un driver ANTIGUO : la version 4.9 disponible en el sitio web de ATI
El juego (come GTA San Andreas) no anda bien con un driver mas recien.


PD : antes de instalar el driver antiguo, tienes que desinstalar el driver recien con un software disponible en el sitio ATI tambien.

20th Mar 2006, 23:23
Hola a todos me he bajado el driver catalyst 4.9 para mi ati 9200 y soluciona el problema de las texturas. Todo bien hasta la fase del puerto aqui ya se estropea el asunto ya que la mano y el rifle del franco se ven como de colorines y algunas texturas mas de forma extraña.

PD: Siento escribir en español, pero la verdad es que seria interesante si se pudiesen montar un foro en español, no es por criticar pero yo lo dejo propuesto.

21st Mar 2006, 00:38
Pero es mucho mejor con el driver 4.9, no ?
No se puede mejorar de lo que yo sabe.

21st Mar 2006, 11:29
Hombre es que con los drivers nuevos los catalyst 6.2 y el 6.3 las texturas aparecen y desaparecen y asi no se puede jugar... mejor si pero no lo soluciona todo