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18th Mar 2006, 16:34
Just Bought the game today, Im trying to get onto the online mode, I go to create a lobby account to play and it comes up with the message

"Could not access the external network device. Please check all connections and reconnect."

Is anyone else having this problem? :confused:

Its not a firewall problem or anything like that im sure, Is it that the servers for the lobby acounts are down?

Thanks for any help in advance

18th Mar 2006, 16:44
Yes, i get that error too when i try to create a new online profile.

So i guess it's not either your problem or mine. It seems their servers are offline or something like that.

18th Mar 2006, 16:47
Thats good I guess, Would be nice to see more people with the same error so that something might be done about it :)

18th Mar 2006, 17:04
Yes I have the same problem, I close my fire wall, reset internet connection but still get the same problem, who knows how to fix this as I only play online games, If I can't get it to work by wednesday i will be sending it back 4 a refund. Cheers :)

18th Mar 2006, 17:16
Alot of times connection problems are either w/ the server or w/ your modem, check and make sure you modem is compatible w/ the online server....Also make sure that the game doesn't require broadb. conection cause if u don't have it you don't connect....

18th Mar 2006, 17:27
The Game is certainly broadband only, and im not running through a modem yet ive tryed with usb modem and router, can anyone that has this game connect to an online server via a lobby account atm?


18th Mar 2006, 17:31
i don't have the game yet....how it it by the way? might get it for PS2 when available, also is there clan set up for it......

18th Mar 2006, 17:33
Off topic, however, yep its great, PC Graphics is nice, I would like to setup a UK baced clan at some point, Ive headed a few multilanguage in the past, im not sure yet, but uk is my preferance.


18th Mar 2006, 17:43
hmmm, i might have to try it out, see how it is myself....hope it's all that everyone sais....

18th Mar 2006, 18:57
yes problem mode online commandos strike force

18th Mar 2006, 21:17
All is now well, lobby server system back online ;)

18th Mar 2006, 23:19
I am on BB, have 2Mb connection through BT, still cant connect, any 1 els still have this prob

19th Mar 2006, 08:23
same problem here done all checks still no joy as there been a statement from eidos ?:confused:

19th Mar 2006, 12:04
I use sygate on one of my machines, and it reported the following ports requesting access to the following ip address when i played CSF. The IP address is the quazal gaming lobby server i believe.


Try giving access to CSF exe to those ports (on my other machine running norton, i put it in to learn mode and it worked immediately)

19th Mar 2006, 13:31
it was the lobby service for sure, No setting s where changed and it suddenly started working again

19th Mar 2006, 13:43
Ahh fair enough.. am sure there are people who'd like to know ports used tho

19th Mar 2006, 14:26
i get the same problem !! when i try to create account my firewall allows commandos 100% !! what i can do ?

19th Mar 2006, 14:58
It's working now but every server is lag i think we need patch for fixes some bugs... !! :)

19th Mar 2006, 15:51
It's working now but every server is lag i think we need patch for fixes some bugs... !! :)

The host is on the machines itself.. if they havent got a great connection then it wont be able to handle 16 players etc.. need to get some good servers up and running.. with good upload speeds

19th Mar 2006, 18:54
i know !! but Commandos needs a patch.... and much thinks...