View Full Version : Commandos Glitch

18th Mar 2006, 11:43
Hi there everyone,

I have finally managed to get a full version of the game and have already discovered some problems. First and foremost, even though the player can maximize the mouse sensitivity by moving the slider all the way to the right, the mouse still feels a little sluggish when turning the character around.:(

Secondly there are graphical glitches as well, such as when you kill an enemy soldier who is standing between a cooking stove and a table, the body of the soldier can fall so that his head appears to be left on the table. You can then walk around the table and see a soldier's head looking up into the ceiling while sitting on a table, lol (I wish there would be a proper button on this forum somewhere where you could upload your own screenshots, I have made one of this glitch and it is quite funny).:D

Aside from these few minor problems the game appears to be quite interesting and challenginf so far. So all I can say is that the development team did a splendid job there. Being a developer and a level designer myself, I can say that the game is quite interesting.

I still got to play it to the end, so I might post here again, should I discover something interesting later on.