View Full Version : Major Concerns!!! (psp)

17th Mar 2006, 23:46
The only down side after playing the demo is how the hang this game is going to translate on the PSP without a second analog stick for the camera, R3, L2 and R2. The camera is such a massive part of the gameplay, plus you use all the buttons on the PS2 control... I'm really struggling to see how TRL will work on psp.

Any input EIDOS???

18th Mar 2006, 00:38
Somethin' like holding down square and move the analong stick would do the camera view:confused: I know I heard they're gonna make an "in-built" camera in this version of the game....and they'll comup w/somethin'....probably one reason why this game's release date is a bit more behind of the consoles/PC.