View Full Version : sound problem

17th Mar 2006, 19:45
is there any sound in this game ,because i dont hear any music, and in battles i only hear commands and cannon fire some of the time.
in options it asks how much sound you want . eg:music ,master,voice,effects.
so when is there music in the game? i would have thought there would be music on the map screen. could someone please help me , i love the game but something is surely missing?:mad:

18th Mar 2006, 16:41
you're right, there should be sound and music etc on the sort of screens you describe.

what soundcard do you run? or is it an onboard sound chip like an SiS chipset or somesuch?

go to dxdiag and check your sound drivers are fully DX compatible
update drivers as neccessary
make sure you have the correct options ticked in the game prefs and volume sliders set to valid levels

19th Mar 2006, 12:25
Lefebvre :thumbsup: youre a master,thanks i did what you said and it was my surround sound ,plugs in wrong holes to the back of computer.
all works great and can now enjoy the game now,thanks to you ...cheers:)