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17th Mar 2006, 19:33
COMMANDOS 2 : Men of Courage is THE BEST

7 playble charchters
very great story
great graphics
great sounds and music
true combat style

this new one seems to be medal of honor or the great escape

and comm 3 is not good as men of courage is the best

any one can deny?

sorry for my bad english keep in touch and replay if u are intersed..

17th Mar 2006, 23:57
sry i don't agree with u > csf it's a new style game...and the gameplay and feeling is great...im a little disapoint about the multiplayer .

18th Mar 2006, 03:43
Hey guys i agree with manshi commandos 2 is the best , i don´t recommend commandos 3 .
-few missions
-little quality in the graphs
-some bugs
-difficulty to play

I don´t play commandos 2 , if I knew that version 2 was better, I would not buy the commandos 3 .

18th Mar 2006, 16:03
I agree with Assassin. CSF is a new style of game for ww2.

As for C2 and C3...
C3 has superior graphics than C2.
I did not experience any bugs with C3 after applying the patch.
I had no difficulty in playing C3 after installing the hotkeys patch.
I enjoyed both games.

As for CSF:
3 playable characters... and there are guest appearances.
A very great story so far... the game is all story driven.
Great graphics, tops in my opinion MOH and COD. I am not mentioning the great escape game...
Music is by the same man who did all previous commandos games.
And it has a distinct combat style.

Somewhere along the way I'll find things that I will not like... but haven't so far.


18th Mar 2006, 16:42
Brazilian u agree with MaNshi... but u didnt play comm 2 ..g-zus i don't understand u...btw i played all comm versions > the best was comm2 it was a complex game with a lot of misions...but CSF is the future in my opionion >!

The Lone Soldier
18th Mar 2006, 18:54
well i agree cos csf doesnt work on my pc and plus my friend has got it and he says its really crap. i prefer commandos 2 but the problem is ive completed it over 27 times. but i gotta say the best game i like is call of duty 2!:) if u wanna play on the server with me, im normally on [QLR] Rifles of -rnr- rifles.

19th Mar 2006, 16:26
Seems to me im to fast in writing this article

after play the game experience it its very wonderful and great

and the story real good sorry for saying its bad its very very good beteer than comm3

and differ about comm2 (the best)

but its sooooooooooo goooood now

but ihave some problems in graphics any one can help?

AMD Athlon 2500+
ATI Radeon 9200 256MB

and installed the latest catlyst 6.3 with framwork 2.0
some graphics in game play hidden and apears suddnely and conteously
its like GTA problem in ATI cards any one can help??

and im sooooo sorry to say its bad game it big mistake its one of the greatst games really....

19th Mar 2006, 20:52
Characters looked at from close appear as an half only, the other half appearing/disappearing every second.

Characters looked at from distance are flashy (appear/disappear) every second.

My own hands don't appear (I managed to fix this a bit, read below)

That's right that the same problem occured with GTA : solution for it was to download an old ATI driver, but I don't know if the same solution would work here.

I tried to change a few settings in the ATI catalyst panel :
- antialiasing : I unchecked 'let the application decide' and switched the cursor to 2x performance. Too I checked the performance box (unchecked quality one)
- antisotropic filtering : I unchecked 'let the application decide'.
After those changes, the only improvement is that my hands have started to appear (but not all the times, they appear/disappear).

Maybe I'll try to install the same old driver that worked with GTA san Andreas to see if this solves the problem.

Any suggestions ?


19th Mar 2006, 21:20
Really ATI sucks ...

If you have this problem with an ATI card, go to the ATI website and download the driver catalyst 4.9 (you have to search in the old drivers section). It WORKS , I just tried.

Now, back to the game :D

20th Mar 2006, 00:31
Well im enjoying the game so far.

As for the graphics, they werent great on the French missions, but the norway levels look very pretty, with everything on high. (2.6 AMD processor, 1024 RAM and 6600GT 256 dont know what driver i have....) but yeah it plays pretty well, on mam uch higher resoloution than i generally play on.:thumbsup:

20th Mar 2006, 05:55
i saw it om 9200 to in great work and astable but on intel machine

any suggestions experts please help?

20th Mar 2006, 09:40
Have to agree with you, CSF is very dissapointing, if you like the previous Commandos style, cannot enjoy this one. They should carry on with the classic C´s style despite they still can make different games based on Commandos, like this one.

On the other hand, I really had a great time with C3 and for me it is the best one (I did not find C2 exciting at all, I rather play C1)

20th Mar 2006, 14:27
no no u should search for COMM2

its the greatest one ever than csf too

but as i say csf is not too bad as i said first its just not
achive all of the dreames of the waiting gamers....

20th Mar 2006, 16:26
the more I miss the old Commandos. I am not going to get this new one. Despite I have completed C1,C2 and C3 several times I will carry on playing C3. They´ve spoilt the fun