View Full Version : Help on First mission plz!

17th Mar 2006, 01:01
In the Full game version
How do you go to the first floor of the building to rescue? There is no stair to get from the second floor down. The front door is locked so where can we find the key??? Thanks guys :-)

17th Mar 2006, 15:56
Since this is the very first mission that I finished, help is on the way.
There are 6 guards that "protect" the "building", where the 3 frenchmen are located. 3 posted at the front door (as a group) and 3 at the back(2 on the field and one on the top stairs that lead to the first floor). Avoid the first 3 and dispose of the other three by knifing them. Now you are on top of the stairs. Enter the top floor, close the door and proceed to the right. There are stairs at that part of the building leading to the floor below. Knife the one guard posted there, then check the rooms. The room in the middle (probably) is the one with the 3 frenchmen. Prepare for a shootout, as a truck full of enemy soldiers will appear.

Good luck,