View Full Version : CSF first impressions!!!

17th Mar 2006, 00:13
For anyone who hasn't noticed, indeed the full game is out.
I was told that it was pre-released in some major european cities on the 15th of March.

Ok... first comments:
As always, the manual of the game is nice, but has missing things... again (like the way to wield double machine guns).
Played the first tutorial mission with the sniper.
The game looks fantastic... plays also very good. Right from the start you begin to sneak around and to use stealth... just great! It seems that with each mission you get to see a different part of the same map. Looks nice so far.
Haven't figured out yet how the game awards the 5 stars or less yet.
Great moment of zen: I shot a German in the leg and he hopped around!
That's all for now...


17th Mar 2006, 15:25
Well i pre-ordered the game from amazon and got it today (nice one amazon!), will have a go later on tonight and tell u lot what i think.

Will read the maunel now.. :thumbsup: