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16th Mar 2006, 19:37
Okay, Derek here with yet another interesting debate thread for you all! Although some would classify this thread as being a little too early, I feel that with Legend only a month away and next-gen consoles being launched this year, that now is as perfect of a time as any to make this post.

Okay I'm sure by now that you've all seen those super kickass renders of Lara (cover art, new Xbox magazine cover etc.) where she's so realistic looking that you can almost smell her perfume. To Tomb Raider fans this is simply a dream, as we've never ever seen our beloved heroine so realistic looking and so full of polygons like she is in those renders.

So my question is...

If technology allowed it, would you want that model (or something very similar) to be the ingame model in TR8? ORRR would you want a completely redesigned Lara with a different default outfit, and possibly a different face than what they offer in Legend?

To me I feel that playing as the really realistic Lara we see in these renders would be an absolute dream. I think maybe a more convential and even less revealing outfit would be necessary (just to keep things fresh) but the actual body and face would stay the same as the realistic renders.

What do you think? Vote and give your thoughts :p.

High Quality Realistic Lara (thanks to KasiaTrent):


David 070
16th Mar 2006, 20:12
i would love to see that happen! but im doubting it wont for at least 3-5 more years.but someday it will be fact.well be playing a tombraider with a Lara that looks like Angelina Jolie or some other model someday..

maybe some kind of vr? i look forward to that,i mainly would like to see the dangers up close & almost realistic!:D

16th Mar 2006, 20:25
that would be AWESOME to see lara ingame like that cover!:eek: :')
Or maybe they should make a movie (FFVII style) but I'd really hate if they changed her AGAIN for the next TR! I luuv the legend model...and I'm tired to see her change lol ^^'

16th Mar 2006, 20:54
I just want Lara to "settle down".. I like the design atm.. And I just hope that cd will continue with the same storyline Legend will have in upcoming games, that is if there is infact a storyline to continue. :)