View Full Version : After Legend and Sony PSP, PS3

Chris Daly
16th Mar 2006, 04:43
The current scenario of buying software games plugging
them in and playing them I think is likely to start to change.

Sony have been pushing hard with PSP which everyone knows
is portable has WiFi Hotspot and PSP to PSP connectivity ,
good memory capability typically now 1Gig, and updates of
their firmware as well as Headset, Infra Red and a USB port.
All of these indicate the traditional way of playing games and
accessing software is being tested to see whether its possible
to do it another way.

To explore this, most of us are likely to purchase Legend , now
instead of that game being set forever in the year it was made
with the same levels as has been the case with all prior TR games,
having the game adaptable to new levels via download or
some form of sophisticated update starts to look attractive.:)
at least until TR8 is made. The update level facility makes
the franchise effectively alive until the next game release.:cool:

I think this is the path PS3 will take, acknowledging DVD as an
accepted format at its most developed stage -Blu Ray but offering
connection to Sony downloads that are then are charged to an account.
I predict Sony will start to buy up ISP's ( Internet Service Providers)
or house Sony specific interconnection hardware in existing ISP's

I think the PSP will exist with more and more features and
will become the portable form of the PS3 continually evolving.
This firmware update facility is likely also in the PS3. :p