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15th Mar 2006, 17:48
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[ March 15th 2006 ]

Eidos has today confirmed that both Sony and Microsoft have passed Tomb Raider Legend. Although the game is yet to enter mass production, the completed code has now been approved and Tomb Raider Legend will hit the shelves on Eidos' advertised date.

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Legendary Lara Croft
15th Mar 2006, 19:19
great news! will there be Legend for PS3?

15th Mar 2006, 19:38
Yeeehaawww... I'm so happy I could spit. But I won't, cause I'm civil.

*spit* whoops... dun gone and forgot.


15th Mar 2006, 21:07
great news! will there be Legend for PS3?

Doubt it considering the PS3 does not exist and doesnt look like being released anytime soon!

Romour is they havnt even started building it yet?:eek:

Ah well ill stick to the 360 :p

15th Mar 2006, 21:20
The PS3 is suppose to be out in November now.

15th Mar 2006, 23:33
The PS3 is suppose to be out in November now.

Yeah,was on news today that PS3 has been put back until november due to technical problems.
Which really means they want to grab all the christmas sales.

15th Mar 2006, 23:43
Thanks ML2U. :)

16th Mar 2006, 00:01
Who knows if they will make a special edition of Legend for the PS3 when it eventually comes out this November.

That said I wouldnt be surprised if they did. Eidos has Legend on almost every money grabbing format (except for the Gamecube) and Im sure Eidos would like to have a slice of some PS3 cake this Christmas season.

The thing is Tomb Raider fans wont be able to wait for the PS3 to come out, so they will most likely buy the PS2 format. So CD would have to implement more than just better graphics for them to fork over twice for the PS3 version. Like extra modes/challenges/costumes/weapons/etc.

Its only a problem if your a Playstation fan (who hates XBox), but in the end the PS3 version could be the best version of the game.*

*If a PS3 version should happen that is.

L Croft
16th Mar 2006, 17:50
Well I read here (http://www.funkylydia.com/tombraider/tr7articles.html#ng) that the game will be out on the PS3, I don't know if it will be a different version of the game though.

17th Mar 2006, 00:46
So wait I don't get this:confused: What's this all about:confused: (gosh, so much news poppin' today)