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14th Mar 2006, 16:00
i have heard that its wont be dedicated server and kick/boot system. if not this game will be a waste multiplayer experience again.

but after i finished the demo , the single player is very fun i have feel huge adrenaline rush.

but the dev have says you have so many ways to finish each level , i havent see this in the 2 demos map you have a path to fellow , i think what they mean by that its using diff commandos (spy,sniper,greenbarret) .

Its not like hitman who you have so many ways to finish missions and kill your targets.

But iam not dissing the game , graphics is awesome ,but eidos online experience scare me .

What i like in the demo
Amazing Graphics
Realistic Body impacts from Weapon shots
the 2 maps in the demo are just so well done.

What i hate in the demo
1.Not enough time to get weapons on enemy after you kill them cause its remove both body and weapons after a time. (this is stupid , they should remove body but not weapons)

2. Using spy i think this is stupid when your take out your gun its remove your Disgize WTF this is so unrealistik and very anoying to keep switching your disgize...

3.Using spy This is to easy to FiberWire every enemy , they are retarded they lets you just get in them back so easly , not like hitman you have to sneak behind them ..

4.no where spawn ? lets me explain if you have notice in the boat mission some germans come out of nowhere from montains... WTF your keep fighting your way trough the mission and you keep have to watch behind you if some soldier havent spawn right behind you..

5. Using Greenbarret you cant sneak behind enemy or ambush them , they just turn around. you have to be very quick to suprise them .

6. your Friend AI is retarded they lets the enemy pass trough them wiout shooting them.

Sorry about my bad english

15th Mar 2006, 23:00
The demo is not a real way of figuring out how the full game will behave. It is true that you can finish the first mini mission with the Gb and the sniper in multible ways, without following a particular path. That idea will be enhanced in the full game, I am sure.