View Full Version : Blood.. (Pointless thread)

14th Mar 2006, 14:54
Just wondering.. The game has a esrb rating with blood and suggestive themes in it.. I've never seen blood in any trailer or screenshot (am I blind?)
and I really don't think that people will get the first plane ticket to Bolivia and start freeclimbing.. Could anyone post a "bloody" screenshot ? :)

14th Mar 2006, 15:20
I do not think there will be blood in the game, permanent I mean, this is because in the other tomb raider titles,when Lara murders somebody or an animal there is a spray of blood around the body which later disappears from the ground.I hope this legend does not adopt such display.I suggest that the bodies should not disappear but remain there as it is more realistic and besides, it helps the gamer know if a certain area has been explored before with the dead bodies lying around.Lara can also collect medi-packs and items from such bodies.Kinda feels wrong that blood and violence sells games these days.But em..em..we need blood in legend ,that em... makes it ..em.. cool:D