View Full Version : Whats happening With Xbox360 and BC.

14th Mar 2006, 14:46
Maybe someone here does know the answer to this. Why Isnt SW lego working with the 360?? I called lucas arts regarding this matter and apparrently is something with Eidos development. ( According to them). Now i see that there is another SW Lego game comming out but instead of doing it for 360 they are only doing it for Xbox.. Are there any issues between MS and Eidos or will the game be released for 360 too? Man i honestly think this issue that MS has with Intellectual rigths with Nvidia and the old xbox and the games being BC on the new console has to be solved soon. I cant belive that best selling games like SW Lego, Battlfront, Jedioutcast, Obiwan etc wont run on the 360 and now this with the new lego starwars thats cooming out.