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12th Mar 2006, 13:58
I've been hearing conflicting accounts of when TR Legends is coming out for Xbox 360 in the UK. Amazon.co.uk says late June, but I've also heard May. Does anyone have the full story on this?



12th Mar 2006, 14:02
I think It's coming out on April.25th

12th Mar 2006, 14:05
^ I hope that's true! As far as I know, there isn't a concrete date for the 360 release. Gameplay say May 26th. Simply Games say April 28th. HMV say the 7th April. In short, it's anybody's guess, until Eidos lay down the law. :)

12th Mar 2006, 14:10
but.....they already..said apri.25th for the 360. CD did

12th Mar 2006, 14:16
Cool! You got a link?

12th Mar 2006, 14:25
no, altho i think there is one. they said it was coming out april.25th on "attack of the show" Toby Gard did and i forget the other guys name lloll. even on the Eb game website it says the 25th and that "this games release date has not been confirmed" blurb is gone. so it must be confirmed :):):)

**edit** oh actually i just went to ebgames website and the date changed from april.25th to april.11th. maybe now the 360 version will come out the same time as the ps2 and xbox :)

12th Mar 2006, 14:30
Anyone from Eidos regulating this post that can confirm? :)

12th Mar 2006, 22:34
ANY WORD ON THE PSP RELEASE:( :eek: :mad: :D :confused: ?!!?!

12th Mar 2006, 22:38
well they say this.

"ps2, xbox and PC comes out april.11th, 2006. and the 360 and psps version shortly after. emphasis on shortly. it was in the team xbox interview. so i'm betting on

XBOX, PS2 AND PC - april.11th

XBOX 360 AND PSP - april.25th

altho i remember reading the psp one wouldnt be out till may o.O.o

13th Mar 2006, 13:54
I think I'm gonna need a puke bucket:( ...I might not play TR LEGEND until PSP's verison releases then..i know...sounds stupid but i want to make the save transfer come in handy:D