View Full Version : Shiny Objects..

11th Mar 2006, 20:06
Is it just me or are the interactive items a bit shiny ? In the gameplay trailers the objects Lara uses are a bit like.. I dunno.. well.. Shiny :)

11th Mar 2006, 20:12
Do u mean like things she can interact with? i guess the make them shine as a hint. i'm guessing

11th Mar 2006, 21:19
Well I hope the have the hints selectable :) Personally I hate them

Legendary Lara Croft
11th Mar 2006, 21:28
many new games have shiny objects and realistic shadows and lightning effects, mostly because of new possibilities of technology and video cards. Also it seems that yes some objects she can interact with are shiny, looks very nice
Aslo when you use RAD binoculars it will highlight objects you can use if you missed them

11th Mar 2006, 21:56
Shiny surfaces are those you can use your grappling rope on. If it doesn't shine, it's useless trying. :p

12th Mar 2006, 01:00
Ok.. goot to know :) Do you know if you can turn that off ?