View Full Version : 6800gt 256mb problem

6th Mar 2006, 19:51
hi guys this is my first post and im in need of a little help.ill first give you my system specs then ill explain the problem.
pentium 4 3.2 ghz with hyperthreading tech
xfx geforce 6800GT PCI express 256 mb card
1.5 gigs of ram ddr 3200.

well i installed the game went through no problem, then installed the patch, same again no problems, i then went into options and turned everything on, i played a few quick games and it ran very smooth and looks great.now here is the problem .if i want to either play a sea map or try and do the sea tutorial it crashes instantly. i cant seem to even get past loading screen when trying to access sea battles.now my card has shader version 3.0 so it should sail (parden the pun) through this game but allas it does not. what i did then was i used a programm called riva tuner and diabled the shaders on my card,went back into the game and was then able to play the sea battles even tho it looks crap and looks like the ships are floating in mid air. so you see this is a shader issue so why don't this game work with my card??, any help with this would be great.

ps . at the moment im playing the game and enjoying it but im letting the computer play out the sea battles, ill realy like to do the battles myself tho.