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4th Mar 2006, 01:03
hey, everyone

I was wondering what the importance of research points
plays in the game. Theres an emphasis on accumalating
them, but in what manner do they help my eco?

thx ricca

4th Mar 2006, 11:23
Put simply, the more research points you gather the faster the research is done (fewer moves to complete).

If you wanted to get more gold instead of research points you can click on the research icon and it will give you a slider to move between research points and gold. That way you could also use research points to get more gold if that's what you are short of. You could also use that gold to trade for other resources if you needed to.

So research points are pretty useful for many reasons :)

4th Mar 2006, 22:32
thx Lefebvre,

so its more of a speed bonus, the more you gain the

shorter the research time.

I did attemp to use the point trade slide, but never thought I was getting a bargain!!