View Full Version : damn that invalid session!!!!:(

3rd Mar 2006, 18:08
Watta F*** is goin' on?Hey Eidos can't you fix the bugs?Invalid session,freezing problem and when you go to multiplayer online folder "my clan" it quits to windows,and shows not responding table.Patch needed!millions of people suffer when in the game they are shot because the stupid invalid session table appears or game freezes!We are mad!We need fix!:mad: :mad:

4th Mar 2006, 04:31
I get the same dang error. Gets me killed ALL the time. :(

I get the same clan error too, when I am using the no-DVD crack. When I reinstall the original EXE and run it from the drive I have no problems.

I'll be willing to bet if people actually paid for the software they use that they would have FAR less problems with it. I dunno, just seems that way to me.

And for those who did pirate this game, and there are MORE than a few of you.... How can you expect Eidos to rush to your assistance? this forum makes me smile:D

28th Apr 2006, 22:35
i got the same error, but i purchased my game from Direct 2 Drive, so there is no dvd, but i get the same exact problem, pretty much cripples my multiplayer, sometimes i have to reload the game 3 times before i can get into a game, and it doesn't pop this up, which is hard seeing as there is a lack of multiplayer games all the time,

3rd Apr 2007, 16:32
invalid session :mad2: