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3rd Mar 2006, 12:11
How do you get below the level in hacienda?!? I see my friends do it all the time on unranked matches and they own me. How do you do it?!?!? And just to let you know, im no cheater, i just want to do it in the unranked games my friends play.

Watcher Striker
3rd Mar 2006, 13:21
How to glitch your PS2, Xbox or PC games
1. Find hammer.
2. Pick the hammer up with one of your hands.
3. Locate PS2, Xbox or PC.
4. Raise hammer above the system.
5. Quickly force it downwards using a combination of your muscles and gravity.
6. Repeat steps 4-6.

27th Mar 2006, 03:29
LOL Not true!!!
Dont giltch it make people :mad:

19th May 2006, 07:00
LOL Not true!!!
Dont giltch it make people :mad:
who cares its jus a game
i do it all d time

19th May 2006, 18:48
...which speaks very highly of you </sarcasm>