View Full Version : Help: Mission in Clocktower

2nd Mar 2006, 19:22
Hi there,

I've recently purchsed Theif Deadly Shadows and am completely stuck.
I am trying to enter the clocktower via the large pipe in Stonemarket Plaza.

I can't get upto the large pipe. I have tried everything I can think of yet can't seem to find a way to scel the wall or smaller pipes to get access to it.

Any help would be greately appreciated.


2nd Mar 2006, 20:50
You do have the climbing gloves?.
If you go to the wall near the lamp post and climb the wall there.The wall with the down pipe.Climb high up,jump unto the horizontal pipe,and walk to the Glyph.Or you can climb the wall in the Alcove underneath the Glyph.Climb up edge along and drop unto the pipe,
You can also walk left and right using your keys,while climbing too.:)