View Full Version : Wierd...please help!!!

1st Mar 2006, 00:15
I just got this game and installed...only problem is when I go to the menu or enter the game my guy automatically walks/runs forwads and looks up at the sky. Same with the menu, I can't scroll it seems the up button and/or mouse up is stuck in the "up' position..I've tried reinstalling:( ...any suggestions???

1st Mar 2006, 00:17
DON'T USE A GAME PAD OR JOYSTICK. Check out the FAQ and the FIXES thread.

USB and gamepads and joysticks make this happen.

2nd Mar 2006, 09:22
His name is Garrett ;) , and you should try unplugging any joysticks and game pads even if you arent using them. Thief also has issues sometimes with USB mice and keyboards...

2nd Mar 2006, 12:55
It could simply be that the arrow is stuck. Oh, and you spelled weird wrong. :)