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28th Feb 2006, 08:36

As you can see, Paolo is developing a database which will be incorporated into future versions of the Level Manager. His idea is to have every level included in a database inside the Manager, with links to downloads, level reports and walkthroughs, including information on ratings, download sizes, level builders etc.

What this means is that you will be able to search the database for a level you feel you might like to play and then directly access downloads, level information, reviews and walkthroughs for that level directly from the Level Manager itself.

Not only that, but Paolo also envisages an inbuilt rating and review system which players will be able to directly access through the Level Manager interface.

As if that wasn't enough, Paolo also envisages making the Level Manager compatible with all the non-official custom levels out there, from TR1 to TR5.

In other words, he's dreaming of putting together a Level Manager which will allow you to browse through all the custom Tomb Raider levels, pick one, download it, then review and rate it after playing, all from the programme itself.

I'm sure everyone here can see the heart behind this project and I trust you will all give Paolo your full support with his venture.


28th Feb 2006, 08:48
My biggest problem is finding a good screen shot for each level. Obviously a good screen shot is desirable, so if any of you Level Builders would care to send me your favourite screen shot with a note for which game it represents, I'll add them to the data base first.

Screen shots to: georgemaciver :at: yahoo.co.uk