View Full Version : Pc Clan Wars

27th Feb 2006, 19:21
yo dudes lets make some clan wars in here look u will have to download a peogram called MIRC so we will join a server called 25 to life to talk in there and set up wars we already have some pplz dat jined there but we need more

1.first go to [URL="http://www.mirc.com"]

2.On the top left you will see a lnk called "download mirc"

3.On that link select ur country if you dint see it just pick one it diesnt matter

4.Then create an account

5.Then just open mirc and look on file on the top left and click on it, in file click "elect servers"
a window will open saying "mirc optins" click servers on the left

6.then select on IRC "gamesurge random servers US" or one that says gamesurge

7.then press conect to server and ur finished:D

If u have problems just drop it up ok dis its faster dat a messenger, we can talk about probems u have in the game, clan wars, and make servers in game.:D