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set DeusEx.JCDentonMale
26th Feb 2006, 22:39
does anybody know if you can change the ammo limit for the arrows?

2nd Mar 2006, 13:56
Copied from TTLG...

>>I, for one, would prefer few or no limits on equipment carried. If Garrett can technically haul around every single piece of loot stolen from day one 'til endgame, and even somehow smuggle it all into jail with him, I see little reason not to go higher. I hardly used anything my first game anyway, much less depleted my supply of anything. I had close to 50,000 gold to my name and was only short two noisemakers from absolutely maxed out equipment. It's just a flavor thing for me, really. A throwback to T1/2 if you will. More incentive to scour every inch of the city daily.

Usual warnings here. Back up what you're changing, you take responsibility for whatever breaks as a result, etc. etc. etc. You'll need a hex editor. I still use Hex Workshop myself, but there must be other newer, good, free ones out there. Be sure to overwrite existing values, not insert new ones.

These are in the System\T3Gamesys.t3u file. Lots of nifty stuff here, no doubt. Even references to ropes and rope arrows. Devs, we know you tried. *salute* Note that these are only maximums you may hold, not the amount you obtain when picking up items (though that might be there as well), and not a direct way to give you infinite items. The default value will look something like 1900 0000 in a hex editor, and the maximum value is FFFF 7FFF (roughly two billion). Also, note that having more than three digits looks sloppy, so you may want to keep the limits to 999 or less (E703 0000). If you want to set you own, you can convert a decimal number to hexidecimal with the Windows calcultor by switching the View to Scientific and clicking the appropriate radio buttons. Be sure to add 0s where needed. Due to the way the computer stores data, you have to reverse each pair of digits. So, two billion is 7735 9400, but you must put 0094 3577 into the hex editor. Likewise 999 comes out as 3E7, but you see the result in the above example.

Prices are at least 1 gold per item when you actually go to buy them, even if set lower here. Also note that at really high maximum values and really low prices, stores get a little...slow. The purchase slider is the issue. Expect long pauses as it counts through hundreds or thousands of items when it's used to counting only a handful. Even clicking on a specific location rather than dragging will cause a pause. They will pass, however.

Most of these are untested (except for water/broadhead arrow max and broadhead price), but since I was surprised to even see what looked like the price for climbing gloves (given my elemental arrow problems), I pointed it out specifically. I'm about as confident in them, however. Likewise for practice locks. I suppose that the elemental arrows (and only these) have prices stored elsewhere. Holy Water flasks, being unavailible for purchase, have no price.

I have since become aware that someone on the Ion boards has posted some of these offsets and defaults (for item maximums, anyway). I'm not ripping off that work (didn't even scour the boards until after doing my own research). It's just that finding this stuff is about as low-level, script kiddie-ish as one can get in this area--so very simple with knowing just the basics, really.
Also, though this sort of goes without saying, these offsets can and probably will change when the patch comes out.

Offset - Item, Default (decimal)
2531D - Water Arrow, 19 (25)
2618C - Moss Arrow, 14 (20)
26382 - Fire Arrow, 0F (15)
26D36 - Flashbomb, 14 (20)
2924C - Noisemaker Arrow, 05 (5)
2B0B8 - Gas Arrow, 05 (5)
2BC21 - Explosive Mine, 05 (5)
2D11C - Holy Water, 05 (5)
2FD8C - Broadhead Arrow, 1E (30)
351BA - Gas Bomb, 05 (5)
41847 - Oil Flask, 05 (5)
53ACD - Health Potion, 0A (10)<<