View Full Version : Why deleted my post ... at leats lock it and tell me why.

26th Feb 2006, 21:08
BTW i have a new proof like that.

even cubamix was here to see that. WTF is that.

that post are about someone using my acount why you deleted it ???

Note that screenshot have been make today when i was waiting for inferno and dizzi.

27th Feb 2006, 10:21
The post was deleted because I'm tired of this war that has been going on around the board. "He's cheating" "no he's not" "oh yes he is, a martian told me just before I was abducted!". And this one is closed because you shouldn't start a new one when your previous one is closed. I'll see if by any change that last thread contained something meaningfull and might put it back.

The end.