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26th Feb 2006, 17:12
Hi ALL :)

I think a When I playing Imperial Glory. I want to try to use the various tactics.

That's why I introduce the Japanese tactics. and I want to know the tactics of other countries. One more Why don't have mission editor in Imperial Glory ? :confused:

when 1575 nagashino battle of oda vs takeda. The still times without a cannon. Three steps of assailing of a gun (matchlock) depends on 3000 set and Anti horse fence.

This is a figure of battle of Japan.


26th Feb 2006, 17:28
I guess the devs never got around to releaseing one. As for those tactics, I suggest you play SHOGUN:TOTAL WAR, its set in medieval Japan. I don't know if you've played that game or not but I hear its pretty good.


27th Feb 2006, 04:39
Hi officerpuppy

I understand the meaning that you say. but I like a atmosphere of Imperial Glory.

An image is clean, and there is a real feeling.

From now on I intend to make it a contribution along a Imperial Glory.